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In T-MedNet, temperature is being recorded in situ by Stowaway Tidbits, Stowaway Tidbits v2 and HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 autonomous sensors and recovered annually or semi-annually by divers usually before and after the summer period. The temperature sensors are set to collect hourly records. In general, sensors are placed every 5 m from 5 to 40 m depth at each study site by fixing them to the rocky substrate. To fix the sensors we fill natural holes with putty allowing to set up PVC clips or screws which are used to fix the temperature sensors. (In some cases the temperature sensors are also attached to the buoys chains or cords).

At our knowledge, in 2012, high resolution temperature records are being collected in more than 20 sites across the NW Mediterranean and are being initiated in Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean. The first records started in 1998/1999 by Dr. J.G. Harmelin (Centre d’Océanologie de Marseille) at Marseilles and Port-Cros National Park and concerned only three depths (12, 24 and 40 m). Since then measurements have been progressively standardized at all sites to collect records every 5 m from 5 to 40 m depth and exceptionally deeper (65 m in Cabrera National Park, S-Mallorca, Balearic Is.). At present different teams support the temperature surveys.

Download the presentations regarding how to conduct temperature surveys showing the different steps from the temperature data loggers settings till the data retriving and validadtion. The presentations were prepared for the  first workshop on the “Effects of climate change in the Mediterranean” funded by MEDPANFFEM, and the MAVA and Prince Albert II de Monaco foundations. You can use the presentation's material for other presentations and internal reports for any other use please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All rights reserved. Citation: Garrabou J, Bensoussan N (2012) Development of tools for the study of climate change impacts on coastal ecosystems. Workshop presentation



Temperature data logger working in a rocky wall

HOBO Water Pro V2 with protector

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Observation system